Cell Phone Signal Jammer - Preventing Calls While Traveling

 A cell phone signal blocker is simply a wireless device which blocks reception between cellular phones and cell towers. Often referred to as cell jammers, cell blockers, or GPS blockers, a cell blocker prevents radio signals from being transmitted to a specified location, preventing telecommunication devices in that area from receiving calls. When these cell signal blockers are accidentally tripped, a person may lose reception of his or her cell phone and other wireless communication devices, as well as being subjected to possible fines by their service providers. 

Cell phone users who use cell jammers and other wireless devices may be fined and/or have their phones taken out of commission. It can be quite difficult, if not impossible, for a person to know if they're actually using a cell jammer or another wireless device in an attempt to block communication. Cell phone users who are not sure if their wireless devices are the cause of this interference may attempt to turn off and unplug their devices from the cellular network while calling, and then try again when the connection is working again. Some cell jammers contain a special function that allows the user to manually activate and deactivate the function. 

This is one of the ways that people are avoiding fines that could result from inadvertently blocking communications by a wireless device. The FCC has found a few cases in which people were fined, but the actual amount wasn't large enough to be very detrimental to the person's business, especially if the person didn't even know they were doing it. Look for more facts about wifi at http://www.dictionary.com/browse/wi-fi 

Cell phone users can avoid the need to be fined and/or have their phones taken out of commission through the use of a reverse cell phone directory. A reverse cell directory can tell a person if a cell signal has been blocked, allowing the individual to know whether their cell phone is causing the communication problem. Once the issue is resolved, the phone is able to call again. Be sure to learn more today! 

Cell phone use can also prevent people from being able to make phone calls. Even if a caller cannot hear the person on the other end of the call because of a cell phone jamming problem, the phone will still stop making calls when the connection with the phone and the service provider is shut down. 

Cell phone users may also be charged with a felony or misdemeanor for violating a law requiring them to disconnect their cell phones from 5g jammer networks while in the state. use or for emergency purposes. In some states, even a single call can constitute a criminal offense if it was the cause of a blackout. Cell jammers should never be used without proper legal knowledge of the local laws surrounding its use.