A Brief Introduction to Cell Signal Jamming

Known as cell signal jammers, GPS jammers, cell phones' signal blockers, or text stopper, a cell signal jammer causes a type of signal traffic blockage, making a sort of interference pattern in a certain area, blocking all cell phone communication. It is usually placed in an inconspicuous location to allow for better signal control and monitoring. Most signal jammer are small, which makes it easy to conceal and avoid detection.

The main purpose of these is to prevent people from listening in on conversations held on cell phones. This is done by gps jammers the cell phone's transmissions, so that it appears that no communication is going on. In addition, some cell signal jammers to block cellular towers so that they are not able to connect with a cell phone, to prevent call forwarding and reception. Cell signal jammers have also been known to work with wireless networks, such as wireless hotspots and cordless phones. 

Cell jammers do not interfere with other forms of telecommunication, such as faxes, voice mail, faxes, and other modems, nor with security measures such as alarms and motion sensors. Some of the latest cell signal jammers even work with radio-frequency identification cards, which provide more information about who owns a particular phone. Cell jammers can even be used by law enforcement authorities in order to locate people, as well as stop illegal cell phone use. Other types of cell jammers may also be used by businesses for safety purposes. To know more about wifi, visit this website at http://wireless.wikia.com/wiki/Wi-Fi_How_To 

Manufacturers of cell signal jammers have come up with more advanced designs over the years, such as the Bluetooth Cell Jammer, which work with the Bluetooth wireless networking protocol, and blocks a cell phone from connecting to the network. It does not prevent transmission, so in order to send text messages, emails or make calls, it is still possible. 

Signal jammers can also block wireless networks and signal boosters. Many cell phones and cell phone providers have been known to block the use of cell phones, in an effort to protect the network itself.

Cell jammers are not new technology, however, as they have been used for decades. They have even been used during wars as a form of signal control, to prevent enemy forces from hearing the wireless signals being sent from bases. As mentioned earlier, they have even been used to block phone signal for security reasons.